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Twin KIT

Technical support

Master HPT quality

Twin Kit range is made-up of Remsa brake pads MASTER HPT (High Pressure Treatment) QUALITY. This process, assures a fade free brake operation and the best performance in severe conditions.


Twin Kit offers pads and brake discs to replace them as a brake friction set reducing the appearance of problems as noise, judder, fading and premature corrosion. Both components running-in assure an excellent behavior in the braking process for a long time.


Commercial support

Twin kit catalogue

A specific gauge to avoid mistakes in applications of pads and brake discs.

Wide range

With more of 300 items, the Twin Kit range covers about 90 % of European car pool.

Stock’s management

Remsa Twin Kit optimize and tidy up wholesale’s stocks. Their ergonomic packaging design assist to storage in shelves.

REMSA background

With more than 30 years of experience in the friction market as a leader manufacturer, Remsa lends in their products an added value.