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Discs and Drums

Remsa offer a wide a brake disc range that cover most of car applications,all of which have been awarded the most prestigious quality standard certification.

With 35 years of experience behind us and a constant industrial and product development that has taken us to the European aftermarket leadership, Remsa now associates technologically with largest Asian disc brake manufacturer of the spare parts market to offer you a range of discs with the highest quality expected from a company with our positioning and able to meet the expectations of the European market and drivers. Following the five year joint development and evolution we are in a position to offer a complete range (99% of the European market) which not only has surpassed our expectations but also of the KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority) in the German TUV :

Raw Material

Just as we did with our brake pads, the raw material used in our discs is selected keeping in mind the highest European Standards. Remsa discs are manufactured using grey iron smelting with a very high content of laminar graphite in a perlitic matrix which exceeds the EN-GJL 200 grade and it’s predecessor GG20 for steel tensile strength, requires a minimum resistance of 200 N/mm it also meets the DIN EN 1561 standard which specifies the properties of unalloyed and low-alloyed grey cast iron used for castings required by vehicle manufactures.


Our R&D division controls each manufactured series by registering samples of the smelting and verified using the required metalografic analysis. We also carry out a crack test on every manufactured lot undergoing severe braking cycles until cracks are found on the surface.
The AK Master testing at the Dynamomenter Simulation centre and the vehicle fleet tests make up a total over 25.000 hours of work and around 2 million kilometers, with the additional road, circuit and Alpine descent test guarantee the quality of our brake pads a and discs.

Flatness and Parallelism

The flatness and Parallelism are basic essentials for the correct operation of the Remsa discs. In our case we specify the minimum margins and tolerances and compare them with the competition with overwhelming favourable results in both DTV (disc thickness variation) and warping, the final result is a product free of annoying vibrations whilst driving and non perception of the brake judder effect.

Industrial capacity

Producing over 20 million pad sets requires an important industrial company, with a well developed quality culture and a high level motivation focused on development. This has taken us to establish a joint venture with a partner of similar characteristics capable of producing 20 million discs per year and offering the required technology to meet the standards of the European market.